Get out of your church

Get out of your church

It’s wonderful, I know. We get together on the weekend for worship and study, maybe even midweek for more study. Great people. Great friends. Great time.

We emphasize study and memorization, and underscore it with super-bowl-like “Bible-Bowl” competitions. We’re encouraged to all-but-worship professional ministers who are reputed to have memorized the entire New Testament–or more.

And we’re proud to raise our hands—maybe even feeling a little superior to those who don’t—when the leader asks us to raise our hands if we’re “daily Bible Readers”.

We feel good. And “Bam!”—we’re renowned for our ability to quote book, chapter, and verse.

While the world goes the hell in a hand basket.

Maybe because we know, but ignore, one of our memory verses: “Much study is a weariness of the flesh,” Ecc 12.12.

Maybe because it’s a good thing to know the words, “love your neighbor” and “love your enemy,” but it’s something quite better—maybe quite left undone—to live them. Measurably.

And maybe it’s left undone because you have to get out of your church to do it.

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