Churches: stop your evil

According to a recent study of itself, one of America’s largest denominations found that it spent 97% of its donations on . . . itself.  

3% went to mission outreach.  
97% On member comfort, coffee shops, colleges and coliseums. 3% on pure and undefiled religion (Jas 1.27).
It’s not that the former things are bad in and of themselves. It’s the shear percentages.
They mean that the church doesn’t seem to be doing much heeding of the edict, “cease to do evil; learn to do good,” where “good” means “seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause,” Isa 1.17.
What percentage does your spiritual group contribute?
To Justice? Liberation? Orphans? Widows? And the like?
Where’s the evidence? Tangible, empirical proof?
97 to 3. What a score.
Or damned.  
That’s what Israel was, according to Isaiah, if they didn’t wake up and smell the coffee (um, maybe outside of their church cafe).
If they didn’t “cease” and “learn.”  
Stop and learn. Stop and learn. 
Time for church renewal. Transformation. Spiritual sacrifice. Rom 12.1.
You can do it. But… it will require intestinal fortitude. Testicular enormity. Ovarian tenacity.  

And Mindfulness. Confession. Repentance.  
Maybe even a willingness to be rejected and crucified by your own family and friends.  
If we really want to stop our developing legacy as selfish anal schphincters from being written in stone.

By stopping.  

And learning.

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