Move it on Over…

Move it on Over. My Blog, that is.  I will publish new posts soon at Please note/save/bookmark the page so you can start swooning over (or bashing, as deserved), my ruminations, prognostications, or other imaginations there. 🙂 One Team--for life that's worth living. Kev  

Misfire! Misfire!…Re-squeezing Trigger!

Misfire! Misfire!...Re-squeezing Trigger! Well, in yesterday's post, I said I was leaving WordPress for another hosting site. Wrong!  For now.  I discovered I'm outside the cancellation/refund window.  That means this: I have WordPress for a year--whether I like it or not. So-oooo... I guess I'll make the best of it instead of spending more money… Continue reading Misfire! Misfire!…Re-squeezing Trigger!

The Church that Kills the Nation

Or not. There is a big "if" in here.  But first, let's gin up the context. That which everyone agrees is not fake news: Tensions between the U.S. and other similar states (like us militarily or "near peers") have not been this high since the Cold War Those states include Russia, China, Iran and North… Continue reading The Church that Kills the Nation

Churches: stop your evil

According to a recent study of itself, one of America's largest denominations found that it spent 97% of its donations on . . . itself.   3% went to mission outreach.   97% On member comfort, coffee shops, colleges and coliseums. 3% on pure and undefiled religion (Jas 1.27). It's not that the former things… Continue reading Churches: stop your evil

Spiritual couples, are you sensual/sexual dynamos?

You could be, maybe should be. Could the tradition of sensual/sexual prudishness among "spiritual people" be not so spiritual after all--a man-made tradition that contributes to marital unhappiness, infidelity, and a 50% divorce rate?   Consider, then and now Then/he: Song of Solomon, 5.1a "I came to my garden, my sister, my bride, I gathered… Continue reading Spiritual couples, are you sensual/sexual dynamos?

Get out of your church

Get out of your church It’s wonderful, I know. We get together on the weekend for worship and study, maybe even midweek for more study. Great people. Great friends. Great time. We emphasize study and memorization, and underscore it with super-bowl-like “Bible-Bowl” competitions. We’re encouraged to all-but-worship professional ministers who are reputed to have memorized… Continue reading Get out of your church