Army Family Readiness, Sideways (Pt 3)

Army Family Readiness, Sideways (Pt 3) In Part 2, I said "Army Reserve Family Readiness needs more instigators,"  like Jamie, the very worst missionary.  The vague reason I gave: Because instigating means igniting change for the better.  Whether it's about the way Christians do missions, or about the way we do business in the Army… Continue reading Army Family Readiness, Sideways (Pt 3)

Friends: Help! Hold my feet to the fire for 500 words a day

Help!  Hold my feet to the fire for 500 words a day I'm lame.  Had a little OBE crisis at work (Overcome By Events).  And guess what?  Used it to excuse myself from writing, when NO EFFING REASON EXISTED. While my coward emerged -  again - But not for long.  A friend slapped me up side… Continue reading Friends: Help! Hold my feet to the fire for 500 words a day

84th TC Family Program Center

84th TC Family Programs VISION: The Best Army Reserve Family Program Center MISSION: 84th TC Family Programs Center preserves combat power by effectively employing resources to improve Family Readiness and Resiliency, enabling Soldiers to become the most ready, lethal, and proficient Warrior-Citizens. GOALS (STRATEGIC): Ready. Lethal. Better.

“Religious” folk as Anal Sphincters

You know (at least you do now), I'm a Christian, Chaplain, Minister, Professor - all words that don't mean scit (Norwegian for the "bad word" for "feces"  we're not supposed to say but don't know why...WTF? {that's, "Where's The Fellowship?}).  . . .Hah! Psyched out all the "Religious Richards". In any event, since I'm in a… Continue reading “Religious” folk as Anal Sphincters

OODA loop it!

OODA Loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act...then do it again. Observe: What adds value to the organization and what doesn't. Orient yourself to the terrain:  your available options to escape the enemy (what doesn't add value) and improve what does add value (mission success - plus). Decide. Act. (then do it again...) I was elated to… Continue reading OODA loop it!


Flatbread Go inside the bread. That will be my way. While others become gold Or devour with flaming teeth I am happy in the bread. Some misunderstand the bread and Mock. Some dump it from their plates Others crush it under foot; But the bread fills full, contenting Even the most desolate Hungry child who turns To… Continue reading Flatbread

Army Family Readiness, Sideways (Pt.2)

By now you've read something by Jamie, the very worst missionary.  If you haven't read her blog or her FaceBook page, at least you have meditated on the quote from her blog I shared yesterday and what it means to you.  To keep it fresh for us all, I'll repeat it.  She said, . .… Continue reading Army Family Readiness, Sideways (Pt.2)